Flynn Taggart Do people actually read this stuff?


Stack ‘Em, Pack ‘Em, and Rack ‘Em



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  1. Nicely arranged. plenty of room to breathe, and a chance to come out and play – your writin’ irons should be pretty happy.

  2. Great idea. Perhaps you you should take a photo without the cases? I’m just really curious about your collection.

  3. Flynn, Ton, how about JUST the case?
    Surely you missed out the top shelf in your chronology?
    Top shelf: ? – Royal? – cardboard box
    Shelf 2: Remington Partable – Corona 4 – Royal?
    Plus a heap of SMs (guessing SM3s in various fonts and maybe a deluxe?)

    This could be a fun parlour game!

    • Rob, that’s fun for the learned. ( :

    • Yep, the top shelf wasn’t included in the chronological ordering. Up there is an Olympia Traveller C (a modern all-plastic piece of junk, but very portable) and a caseless 1940 Royal Arrow, which I’m thinking about selling or giving away in the near future. The box contains fabric ribbons, Selectric ribbons, empty spools, and correction tape.

      Your guesses are pretty darn close. I plan on taking Ton’s suggestion and showing them all out of their case soon, but here’s a complete rundown:

      2nd Row: ’23 Remington, ’34 Royal “Model O,” ’48 Royal QDL
      3rd Row: ’54 SC Silent-Super, ’57 SM3 (Brown/Pica), ’57 SM3 (Green/Elite)
      4th Row: ’60 SM4, ’65 Hermes 3000
      5th Row: ’69 Olympia SM9, ’70-ish SC Galaxie Twelve

      You’re right. This would be a fun game. “Guess the Typewriter” based purely on the case design.

      • I didn’t do too badly. Looks like you solved the ID problem same as me. I keep my collection in the loft and the lighting is poor and so many cases are aaalmost the same as each other. There’s therapy to be had in completing and attaching those swing-tags!

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