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Felicia Day posted an article on her Facebook account earlier today from a blog called Charlie's Diary. It's entitled "The Real Reason why Steve Jobs Hates Flash" and pretty much states what I've been thinking for the last couple years, but taps upon a string of current events to add veracity. Granted, I haven't thought about it in this degree of detail, but the underlying theory is the same as mine.

Like it or not, we're careening towards a future that is based on cloud computing. I believe Steve Jobs knows this and is doing everything he can to gear Apple up for these upcoming "cloudy" days. I also believe that other companies know this, but are having a difficult time adapting to the paradigm shift due to rigid business plans. And why not? Desktop computing has been the de facto standard for the better part of three decades. Why would it be in danger of collapse?

That's the problem. Smart companies anticipate changes and adapt their business model to compensate. For example, fuel companies have begun to invest capital in alternate fuel technologies (hydrogen, ethanol, solar, wind, etc.). Think about all of those BP commercials you see on television: "Beyond Petroleum." They know that fossil fuels are not endless, times will change, and they want to be ready for it. Companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have not adapted yet. Microsoft is the biggest purveyor of desktop operating systems in the world, while HP is one of the largest producers of desktop computers. They have become fat and happy on the gigantic revenues of the desktop era. Now they see that the desktop market has become saturated and there is a global push to go mobile. I'm guessing that this is probably why HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion. They need to play catch-up.

Do I think the desktop/notebook industry is going to collapse and we're all going to be walking around with iPads and iPhones in five years? No. Cloud computing is not for everybody and it will not be adopted immediately. Heck, even I prefer to keep my personal files on a local backup hard drive. But the promise of perpetual mobile computing certainly sounds fantastic and the allure of convenience has a funny way of reshaping our lives.

Anyway, I'm just paraphrasing much of the information that exists in the above linked article. Give it a read next time you have five or ten minutes of spare time. I think it's a great snapshot of the future of computing.


Most Interesting Man in the World

Generally, I hate TV commercials. They cut into the things I'd rather be watching and are rather annoying at times. However, exceptions are made. I don't always watch commercials, but when I do, I prefer something like this:




Worth a Thousand Words

For those of you that are friends with me over on Facebook, you may notice that I changed my primary photo today. I've been playing a lot of Scrabble lately, so I figured it was high time to capture that in a picture. I had some free time this afternoon and this was born:



When I broke out my camera, I was just thinking that I wanted a picture of myself sitting next to a Scrabble board. Unfortunately, I'm also a perfectionist (both a blessing and a curse) and felt the need to create something memorable. After all, this is Facebook! Not some cheesy has-been social site like MySpace, right?

Needless to say, it took a whole bunch of photos to come up with the final product. Because I like to see how things come together, I decided to make a movie out of all the different pictures. Now you can see what composed the building blocks of my new Facebook photo. Be sure to expand it to fill your screen, as the video is in full HD!



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