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Crackin’ the Case

I picked up a Mac Mini at the local Apple store and converted it into a home theater PC for use in my entertainment center. The only extra item needed to make it all come together was the proper display & audio adapter. Now I'm able to use services like Hulu, Netflix, and iTunes on my primary television while reclining comfortably on my couch.

Granted, the only extra thing I needed was the display adapter, but I also chose to upgrade the hard drive. I replaced the factory 320gb drive with a 640gb Western Digital Scorpio drive, effectively doubling my storage space. Considering the amount of digital video content I'll be storing on the computer, it seemed like a wise decision. As with most Apple computers, they design them so that the average consumer cannot replace or upgrade parts themselves. To that I say, "Ha!" The inside of the Mac Mini was a bit tight and cracking the chassis open required some sweat (and a putty knife), but it ended up being a fairly straightforward endeavor. To give you an idea how long this project might take, I took a time-lapse video.



Why do I wear blue surgical gloves while I film this video? For one, I bite my fingernails (bad habit, I know) so I prefer to hide them. Secondly, I don't like getting hand oils all over sensitive electronic components.